Inherent in Orion’s work is a dialogue between art as living and art as dead. The terrarium itself is a living ephemeral breathing context in which the art is held within. The context in which we host our art in informs it nature. The elaborate horticultural habitats explore the conditions in which a living organism thrives or withers away, and this process is documented over time. The ceramics pieces have been sifted down and sterilized to the basic matter and are the product of reduction; yet are imbued with meaning and become alive as the mosses take root on them. It is his belief that the sculptures are living creatures and representations of our human conditions kept in the shadows. Anyone who host one of these creation has the right to choose what is most alive to them, and even more so to watch the two battle as the change takes place over time. 

Orion often is questioning how a performance lives and grows within its habitat to inform the event, how to exhibit the process of art creation, and how to be audience inclusive. His symbiotic collaborative-relations with other artist, the plantae kingdom, and a career in counseling inform installations in a way that gives rise to the question: What are the living forms of art?

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