Artist’s Statement

Core Activation Meditation with Mind Bath

A churning ball of glowing hot magma is what I encountered deep in my origin, when I first applied my therapeutic technique to myself and encountered my own core. After guiding myself through a meditation tracing pivotal life moments, childhood, the womb, and even potential preconception existence, I depicted what I witnessed through watercolor, akin to the process I had been facilitating for clients. “Core One,” marks the genesis of over 200 mixed media artworks in my series, The Core’s Lure, whichitch chronicles my ongoing re-encounters with my core and its intricate relationship between the complexities of the psyche and reality through my therapeutic technique, “Re-encountering the Core.”

In psychology, the core symbolizes an individual’s internal essence, comprising their values and beliefs. In today’s unfathomable times, as a psychotherapist, I observe clients feeling trapped in capitalism, losing hope in our corporatocratic government, questioning the core of our shared humanity, and grappling with the enormity of human atrocities. In response, I’ve crafted a therapeutic method where individuals can symbolically lock in an imaginal object into their somatic experience, centralizing a consistent core that supports psychological resilience and well-being. This new corporeal organ functions as a savoring storage unit and place to ground or charge up the nervous system. Over time I work with them to manifest it through making art, charms, altars to their core self, and to practice feeling the felt sense of it in their body. 

The process of re-encountering and manifesting my own core has showcased my multidisciplinary approach, spanning fashion, jewelry, sound, performance, installations, and most frequently, painting and sculpture. My sculptural paintings, expressed through mixed media, explore themes of balance, elasticity, and metamorphosis, often conveyed through circular forms and layered compositions. Metallic pigments and glitter symbolize my savorings, while resin overlays convey the struggle to maintain cohesion. More recently, depictions of shedding and deconstructed or absent canvases punctuate the narrative, illustrating the forthcoming shifts in my work and evolution as an artist.