Orion Psychotherapy is my private practice in psychotherapy website.

OrionCrook is a contemporary Renaissance being. He got his MA in Psychology at University of West Georgia in a program that operates from a Humanistic, Existential, and Trans-personal approach in 2011 and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia. Throughout his college years he took ceramic classes and studied horticulture like a botanist. Since then he has begun a gardening company called Bio-philia, and started working in private practice at Orion Psychotherapy. He is working on getting fiscal sponsorship to offer therapeutic residencies to transgrender individuals on scholarship and was just awarded the Ignite Scholarship though C4 Atlanta. He engaged in residences at Sassafrass, Hostel in the Forest, and as a collaborative artist with New Evolutionary Movement, GloGuild, and the Back Pockets. His long term goals are to be a therapist in residency working alongside artist, to become a supervisor for younger clinicians, and to begin practicing out of his own office studio space where his Expressive approach can thrive. For Orion art is in its expression, between the way we relate with others, in the meaning and therapy behind the work, and represented in the ways one sculpts their own life form.

You can contact me Orion Crook at :                    305-804-2266      

To learn more about the TAR Project, a Therapeutic Artists Residency he founded click here: TAR PROJECT

In the beginning and in the end I would much closer to nothing without the support of my so many co-conspirators:

Wife, Stephanie Pharr


Julian Jesus Garcia, Haley Murphy, Lam Nyugen, Kris PilcherShana Robbins, Priscilla Smith, and

Special Thanks to Kelly Blackmon, whom as I created this site I realized took some of the most magnificent photos that I have to show. As well as Liliana BakhtiariJoe Dreher, Terry Kearns, Justin Kelley, and Cosma Love for their eye on me through the lens.

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