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Bio - Orion Crook


Orion Psychotherapy is my private practice in psychotherapy website.

In the West End of Atlanta, Orion Psychotherapy’s studio-office holds space for adolescents and adults who are seeking to engage in a therapeutic-relationship-ritual with a Licensed Professional Counselor. Grounded in a Humanistic foundation from the University of West Georgia, they often encounter the lived struggles of trauma, gender, sexuality, and loss with compassion, an ear for metaphors, and an interest in experiential Expressive Therapies. At the intersection where art meets therapy, Orion founded and runs the Therapeutic Artists Residency, that offers Atlanta artists free individual and group counseling for a year and ends in a showcase of their work. Atlanta’s TAR Project is currently on pause as the seasons of Covid-19 restrict our in person safety.  

Inherent in Orion’s work is a dialogue between art as living and art as dying. The relational process in between is the range where what becomes present gets transcribed into artifact. The context in which we host our art in informs its nature and the way we present our work has the potential to keep art alive and not just left to die in the museum alone. Orion has over a decade of elaborating through curation, installation, performance, and visual art, that often centers in ceramics, living enclosures, and in more recent years mixed media painting. 

Orion often is questioning how an exhibit lives and grows within its habitat to inform the event and viewer, how to exhibit the process of art creation, and how to be audience inclusive. They often push back against the idea of hanging a piece and walking away from it, desiring to stay close, keeping the human connection and process present with the work. As an Expressive therapist and facilitator of a Therapeutic Artists Residency, Orion centers their study in how to bring art to an individual in ways that make them engage with a practice of art making towards the therapeutic. Even if the therapeutic is just seen as pure form expression. When Orion inhabits the role of artists, their work is representative of their life’s dedication to art as a living and breathing entity that is always in process and serving a deep purpose of expression. 


Their symbiotic-collaborative-relations with other artists, the plantae kingdom including clay, process forward based work and a career in counseling inform installations in a way that gives rise to the question: What are the living forms of art? That more recently relocates them in the media of painting. 

To learn more about the TAR Project, a Therapeutic Artists Residency he founded click here: TAR PROJECT



Julian Jesus Garcia, Stephanie Pharr, Haley Murphy, Lam Nyugen, Kris PilcherShana Robbins, Priscilla Smith, and

Special Thanks to Kelly Blackmon, whom as I created this site I realized took some of the most magnificent photos that I have to show. As well as Liliana BakhtiariJoe Dreher, Terry Kearns, Justin Kelley, and Cosma Love for their eye on me through the lens.

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