Based in Southwest Atlanta, Orion explores the complexities of trauma, gender, and sexuality through their private psychotherapy practice. They’ve pioneered the therapeutic technique “Re-encountering the Core,” which is featured in a self-published 68-page workbook, podcast, and multiple YouTube videos. In their art-studio-office, client’s sit with watercolors at their fingertips, emphasizing expressive art as a tool for mental health.

Orion’s artistic journey began in performance art, notably as the lead performer with the Back Pockets, gracing prestigious venues like the High Museum and Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center. Historically, they worked with living sculptures, combining unfired ceramics within enclosed horticultural habitats. They curated the groundbreaking interactive exhibition “Living Case” at Eyedrum, exploring art as a living entity, where the viewer became caretaker to the living art.

In recent years, Orion has made a resurgence as a mixed media painter and sculptor, presenting their ongoing series, “The Core’s Lure,” across prominent galleries such as MINT, The Bakery, and Dalton Gallery, along with a solo exhibition at 7 Stages. This body of work chronicles Orion’s re-encountering of their own core, and its intricate relationship to the psyche’s complexities under the influence of reality. 

At the intersection of art and therapy, Orion founded the TAR Project, a therapeutic artists residency now in its third season. TAR Project offers free individual and group therapy sessions for a year, culminating in solo and group exhibitions. In 2023, the initiative evolved into the nonprofit, Therapeutic Artists Resource (TAR), which uplifts queer, transgender, and activist identities by developing therapeutic programs and events, and providing resources that amplify the transformative and regenerative power of art. 

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In Southwest Atlanta, Orion Psychotherapy’s studio-office holds space for adolescents, adults, and families who are seeking to engage in a therapeutic-relationship-ritual with a Licensed Professional Counselor. Grounded in a Humanistic foundation from the University of West Georgia, they often encounter the lived struggles of trauma, gender, sexuality, and loss with severe acceptance, a focus on re-encountering/developing our core self, and an interest in experiential Expressive Art Modalities.

Orion Psychotherapy is my private practice in psychotherapy website.

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